Preschool Morang South


The planned sessions for 2018 are:

 3 Year Old (6 hrs per week)  4 Year Old (15 hrs per week)
Monday  10.30am-3.00pm
Tuesday  9.15am-12.15pm
Wednesday  8.30am-1.45pm
Thursday  9.15am-12.15pm
Friday  8.30am-1.45pm

At Diamond Creek East Preschool we value a play-based approach to learning in a natural and calm play space. One where children can explore, investigate, discover and create and our staff can create play spaces, both inside and outside, led by the children’s interests and imaginative play.

Play is a vital part of the preschool program because it gives children the opportunity to investigate, discover, question, share, create, construct, communicate, problem solve, role play and explore meaning in their environment.

Our staff ensure they closely observe each child in order to identify the specific interests and strengths of individuals, which are then incorporated into the program in various ways.

Each group has its own Program/Reflection book that details the current program and interests that the children are following giving parent's a great insight to their child's weekly progress.

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