Three Year Old Enrolment

3 Year Old Kindergarten Enrolment Policy

Diamond Creek East Pre-School Incorporated, Committee of Management governs the 'Three Year Old' Group, employing a Qualified Early Childhood Educator and an assistant with suitable experience to run each group of approximately 21 children.

Registration is made at the Pre School by completing a registration form, paying a non-refundable administration fee of $25 and providing a Birth Certificate or other suitable identification.

The Pre School will maintain a list of children in order of receipt of registration forms. This list will be used to offer places in the three year old group the year prior to attendance. It is the responsibility of the parents to advise the Pre School of any changes to contact details, as these will be used to notify parents of an offer to attend the group. If parents do not reply to the letter of offer within the stated time the Pre School will assume the place is no longer required.

Children must be 3 years of age by 29th of February of the year they are attending to start the program.

Fees will be determined by the Committee of Management and will be reviewed each year. Fees are payable on the first session of each term and are to be paid in accordance with the fees procedure available at the Pre School.

As we receive no Government funding for the Three Year Old Group we rely totally on the fees parents pay.

Download Three Year Old Diamond Creek East Preschool Registration form PDF file here:

Three Year Old Registration Form - October2014.pdf

Parents are also advised that attendance in the Three Year Old Group does not automatically guarantee a place in the Four Year Old Group the following year. Enrolment forms for the Shire of Nillumbik's Central Enrolment Scheme are available from the Pre School or Maternal Child Health Centre's or can be downloaded from this website and need to be used to access a place in the Four Year Old Group.

3 Year Old Enrolment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about 3 year old enrolments for your information

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